Thursday, May 29, 2014

Awesome Avocado Recipes

Summer is finally starting to make an appearance here after a long cold winter, and with summer comes more fresh fruit and vegetables!  That is one of the best parts about being home for the summer.  I no longer have to live off of bananas, apples, carrots, cucumbers, and zucchini from the cafeteria.  This past spring, I took multiple trips to the co-op near campus to get a few gluten free treats, but I also got in the habit of picking up one of my favorite fruits, avocado!  I have always thought of avocado as a vegetable, but it is indeed a fruit, and a very tasty fruit.  There are so many ways to eat an avocado, whether it is on toast, as guacamole, or eating it plain like you would eat an apple.  When my dad returned from Costco the other day with a bag of six ripe avocados, I was giddy with excitement!  I wanted to make more than just my usual homemade guacamole, so I headed to pinterest  to look up some new avocado recipes.  I stumbled across a handful of recipes, and I ended up making two new recipes that looked absolutely delicious. 

Recipe #1: Blueberry & Raspberry Chocolate Chip Avocado Muffins

I was a bit skeptical before I made these muffins, but after tasting them, I was blown away by their deliciousness, and plus, I could not even taste the avocado.  In fact, one my friends tried a muffin before she even knew there was avocado in it, and she had absolutely no idea it included this secret ingredient!  I used this recipe, but I modified it to include an egg and greek yogurt because I am not vegan.  I also added raspberries and enjoy life chocolate chips to the batter, which was the perfect combination!  My friend and fellow blogger Candice was inspired to make her own version of these muffins for a graduation treat, and she gave them a double thumbs up as well!

Recipe #2: Avocado Fries

I made avocado fries using a non gluten free recipe, but I modified it by making my own breadcrumbs.  I did this by blending four pieces of Udi's bread in my blender until they reached breadcrumb consistency.  I also refrigerated the avocado before slicing it so that it would be firmer and easier to divide into equal pieces.  Although I did not make the cilantro lime dipping sauce, these avocado fries turned out amazing and were the perfect dinner appetizer! Here is the recipe.  Enjoy!!



  1. I think those muffins have my name written all over them! I love the raspberry and chocolate combo :)

  2. oh yes!! let me know if you make the muffins, Riley! they were AMAZING!